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       Oficina Publica Latina offers: legal services, translations, and notarizations for both English and Spanish speaking clients.
       Our goal is to provide the best work possible to ensure a successful outcome for our clients.
       We were established in 2000 and have expanded to include an office in Phoenix, Arizona ; Salt Lake City and two offices in Park City, Utah.
       Our team also works closely with the Law Offices of Rodriguez-Poston & Poston, P.C., which provides legal representation in complex Immigration Issues, Family Law, and Criminal Defense. 
        Trabajamos con la comunidad Latina y Américana. Ofrecemos nuestros servicios de notario, Traduccion de actas de Nacimiento autorizados por el DMV, Cartas Poder para cualquier pais de latino-america, Cesion de Custodia Temporal, Permiso de menores para viajar  y nuestro excelentisimo y diligente  servicio de abogado de inmigración, Defensa criminal, y familia, con la Firma legal   "Rodriguez & Poston y Poston". con mas de 20 anos de experiencia y tarifas muy reducidas, ofrecemos diferentes oportunidades de pago, Atención bilingüe en el idioma que prefiera.                    
    News Press Release
When Miguel Ramirez needed his birth certificate translated from Spanish to English to obtain his Utah drivers license, he went to see Amparo Scorcia. Her company, Oficina Publica Latina, which has offices in both Park City and Heber, specializes in translating documents from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish, primarily for the Hispanic community.
"It's hard to realize how much of an immigrant's life depends on documents," says Scorcia, who herself is an immigrant to the United States from Colombia, where she was an attorney.
Escorcia goes on to mention a few of the documents that immigrants require. "They may need school certificates, travel authorization for taking children in and out of the country, passports, drivers licenses, work permits, visas, marriage licenses, powers of attorney and many others."
"It's not just getting the documents or translating them," Sscorcia continues. "For many immigrants, the process of applying for a document is bewildering and sometimes frightening. They have no idea how to go about it. Just to obtain a passport, for example, you have to fill out a long form, get two photographs that are exactly the right size, get a copy of your birth certificate when you may not even know where you were born, and so on. They need someone they can trust to help them with the entire process."
In addition to translations and assisting with the process of obtaining documents, Scorcia's firm has strategic alliances with local attorney Scott Poston, who specializes in immigration law,  "Our clients often need legal help and insurance to accomplish their goals," says Scorcia. "They are unfamiliar with the system here and we help them understand it."
"The most enjoyable part of it for me," she concludes, "is seeing the happiness it brings people when I help them through the labyrinth of paperwork so they can visit their family in Mexico or enroll a child in school. It makes my job a very rewarding one."
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